Vote-Locked CVX Contract Migration

Implementation and Actions for Vote-lockers

To migrate users to the new vlCVX contract, all currently locked CVX has been unlocked from the old contract. Anyone who has vote-locked their CVX will have to withdraw their tokens from the “Lock CVX” page and re-lock in the new contract.

  • A non-critical bug was found; user deposits are safe and were not / are not at risk.
  • Go to and withdraw your unlocked CVX tokens.
  • If desired, re-lock for 16 weeks to continue earning 5%+1% of platform fees as cvxCRV, and participate in gauge-weight and DAO votes.
  • Previously locked but not withdrawn CVX tokens will retain gauge-weight voting rights for the voting period of March 3rd, 17th, 31st, even if not re-locked in the new contract.



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