Sushi Rewards + What’s new

Delicious Sushi!

First, the bad news…

At block 12541245, CVX rewards for cvxCRV / CRV and CVX / ETH Sushiswap pools will be cut in half.

OK, now the good news!

What do I need to do?

If you are currently providing liquidity for cvxCRV/CRV or CVX/ETH on Sushiswap, you will need to migrate your LP tokens from Convex Finance’s staking contract to Sushiswap’s contract. This will all be available on our website when the pools go live.

Once everything is ready to go, migrating your SLP tokens is easy:

  1. Un-stake your LP tokens from the current Convex Finance pool here.
  2. Re-stake your tokens on the Sushi pool on the same page.

New Curve Pools Available

  • reth (eth+reth)
  • alusd (alusd+3pool)

Additional Updates

  • Over 12 million CRV have been locked on our platform.
  • Over $600 million in platform TVL.
  • Our Telegram and Discord channels have ballooned, with lots of productive discussion and great suggestions for platform/UI improvements.

The Convex Finance team has been floored by the amount of early growth the platform has experienced. We wanted to thank the community for their enthusiasm and continued support! Feel free to reach out to the team on Telegram or Discord with questions, suggestions, or just to join the discussion!