September Update: Vote Locking Launch, Liquidity Provider Incentives, and more!

Vote locking is here!

  • Lock your CVX tokens for a fixed period of time and gain voting power
  • Vote for how Convex Finance allocates it’s veCRV votes in governance and gauge weight votes.
  • Earn 20% more rewards vs. single staking CVX
  • The first gauge weight vote for CVX vote-lockers will be from the 16th-21st of September. In order to participate in this vote, users will need to vote-lock their CVX before 00:00 UTC September 16th.
  • No need to immediately un-stake existing CVX and vote-lock. There is ample time between now and the deadline to participate in the first vote.
  • Rewards for vote-locked CVX behave in the same way as rewards on other pools; there is a trailing 7-day distribution. At launch APR will start from zero and build up over time before normalizing.
  • Vote-locker contracts are currently under review at Code 423n4.
  • The “Use CVX” page is now “Lock CVX”. Single-staking CVX and Sushi LPs are now located on the “Stake” page and behave the same as before.
  • The “Lock CVX” page houses all the new functions for vote-locking
New tabs
cvxCRV/CRV LP incentives are moving!




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