November Update: Voting Incentives, Community Contributions, Next steps

What does this mean for CVX vote-lockers?

  • All CVX vote-lockers have access to incentives from These incentives are distributed amongst all vote lockers each gauge-weight vote based on your vote-weight, regardless of whether or not you individually vote. These rewards are claimable on under Locked CVX -> Extra Incentives
  • In order to be eligible for additional incentives claimable on Votium, you must vote for those pools that have Votium incentives posted, or delegate your vote-weight to the Votium team. Per Votium documentation, Votium will work to optimize all delegated CVX vote-weight in order to maximize their users’ overall rewards. Read and understand Votium documentation before delegating your vote-weight

Data Driven: Convex Finance gets community-made Dashboards and Tooling


  • Over 140M CRV locked as cvxCRV
  • Over 25M vote-locked CVX tokens eligible to participate in Snapshot Votes
  • New highs in daily revenue earned; total platform revenue now exceeds $490M since launch

Convex gets its own Valkyr-Ξ : Meet Cagi


Zerion Adds Support for Convex


Notable and Upcoming UI Updates

  • It’s now possible to “Claim and Lock” in one button press on the “Claim” page.
  • A more detailed description of Current/Projected APR will soon be live on all pools.
Upcoming: Current/Projected APR Breakdown
  • Additionally, advanced filtering/sorting for all pools will soon be available to help sift through the long and ever-growing list.

What’s Next

  • Curve has begun the process of releasing v2 pools, starting with CRV/ETH. This will be the first of many future pools! The process of adding these pools to Convex will remain the same, and there are plans to support all pools that receive a gauge.
  • As of now, boosted CRV rewards for LP’s remains only on Ethereum main-net. Multi-chain boosted rewards remain on the radar for the future.

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