F(X) Protocol Gauges are live on Convex Finance!

Convex Finance
2 min readMar 2, 2024

Together with the successful seeding event and the following launch of fxUSD, the new and innovative addition to the Convex Family, the f(x) Protocol is continuing to deliver new offerings and updates to their system while strengthening its ties with Convex.

With their new offering, fxUSD, going live, f(x) Protocol also brought a new way to manage incentives for their rebalance pools and liquidity pools moving onwards: Gauges.

As with other gauges on Convex Finance, depositors of these pools will be able to stake their Curve LP tokens through Convex for the f(x) Protocol to get the maximum boost on their FXN, CRV, and CVX incentives.

The gauge weights will determine how incentives will be distributed from a specific pool for the next epoch. Gauge weights will be determined by governance votes and will be held at a 14-day cadence. The resulting gauge weights will determine the FXN incentives for voted gauges for the next epochs.

Gauge Weight Votes are no stranger to longtime vlCVX holders; since the start, we have held regular emissions votes for Curve and lately Prisma Finance gauges for managing their incentives for their respective gauges. And the f(x) protocol will be no different. With the introduction of gauges, we are integrating the gauge weight votes into our governance to allow vlCVX holders to take part in f(x) protocol governance. Check out Convex Documentation for more information.

Starting with the first Gauge Weight Vote, experienced governance voters of vlCVX will be deciding on where FXN incentives should be distributed. As of right now, vlCVX holders control 44,92% (and increasing!) of veFXN votes, and they will be directing this new stream of 14-day emissions via their votes.

The next epoch starts on March 14th. vlCVX holders can vote through Convex Snapshot.