Convex gets a new landing page

Convex Finance
2 min readFeb 22, 2024

It has been two and a half years since we made our landing page. Since then, a lot has changed and improved for the better. FXS, FXN, and Prisma have joined the ranks, and integrations of various degrees have come to life. The emissions controlled by vlCVX have changed broadly, as have the protocol revenue and Treasury.

So, drumroll, the landing page gets a facelift, making all this new information more visible and readily available for you to munch on. Adding more valuable information about the new protocols that joined the CVX family and how they are going under the hood.

Let’s dive in:

While previously it was 100% about Curve, now the new landing page boasts much more information about Convex and how things are going. Treasury and 14-day emissions control are two new metrics right on the landing page, and more.

In continuation of our commitment to transparency, the new and improved Platform Revenue section details each earning per protocol for Convex.

While governance power was on the landing page, now it is front and center on the new landing page, right under the tooltip for “Governance Power” and in its own section down below.

Doubling down on more information about new additions to the CVX family, now with more readily available information about all cvxToken and related yield opportunities for LP’s cvxToken stakers.

As this post goes live, new users should start seeing this new landing page when they enter Convex Finance. Go check it out, play with it, and digest the new information that comes with it. And as always, feel free to drop us a note on our relevant Discord channel if you see any visible bugs or discrepancies.