Boosted Frax Staking Now Live!

  • Vesper Orbit FRAX
  • Aave aFRAX
  • Frax FPI/FRAX
  • Coming soon: Temple FRAX/TEMPLE

For Liquidity Providers

  • Obtain LP tokens from the original source; For LPs currently staked on Frax, this means unstaking/withdrawing from Frax.
  • Deposit + Stake your LP tokens on The process will be 3 transactions: Create Vault, Approve, Deposit+Stake. Full instructions here.
  • Note: LPs on Frax may receive additional boosted FXS earnings by locking their LP tokens for durations of time. LPs must lock for a minimum of 1 day for no additional time-boost; most pools allow the user to lock for up to 3 years to receive the maximum time boost. After time-locks expire, users can remain in the pool and continue to receive socialized boosting from Convex veFXS without re-locking for additional time.


  • 10% of all FXS earnings will be distributed to cvxFXS LPs as FXS
  • 7% of all FXS earnings will be distributed to vlCVX holders, as cvxFXS

For Vote-Locked CVX Holders

  • Supported LP’s are relatively small; the hope is that the addition of Convex staking will attract more liquidity to Frax pools
  • There are currently only 3 supported LPs
  • There is currently no incentive market for voting on gauges with Frax pools



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